Shipping & Returns

IMPORTANT NOTE: Despite all due care exercised in offering you this text in English, it has no legal validity. Legally valid is SOLELY the German version of it. We provide this only for your convenience.



Shipping & handling fees









National delivery (Germany)



packaging and shipping fees (P&P)

  0- 10 kg -->   5,99 Euro
11- 20 kg --> 10,99 Euro
21- 30 kg --> 12,99 Euro



additional fees of 5.75 Euro will arise for COD orders (cash on delivery).







International delivery



DP Zone 1 Countries



EU Länder:

up to 1 kg:     6,00 Euro

up to 3 kg:   15,00 Euro

up to 5 kg:   17,00 Euro

up to 10 kg: 18,00 Euro

up to 20 kg: 22,00 Euro





DP Zone 2 Countries







up to 1 kg:     9,00 Euro

up to 5 kg:   20,00 Euro

up to 10 kg: 25,00 Euro

up to 20 kg: 30,00 Euro





DP Zone 3 Countries






up to 1 kg:     9,00 Euro

up to 5 kg:   20,00 Euro

up to 10 kg: 25,00 Euro

up to 20 kg: 30,00 Euro





DP Zone 4 Countries








up to 1 kg:   15,00 Euro

up to 5 kg:   25,00 Euro

up to 10 kg: 30,00 Euro

up to 20 kg: 40,00 Euro





DP Zone 5 Countries








up to 1 kg:   20,00 Euro

up to 5 kg:   35,00 Euro

up to 10 kg: 50,00 Euro

up to 20 kg: 80,00 Euro



For refused deliveries or goods not picked up we will levy an allowance of € 10.00.



In case the goods cannot be delivered to the receipient‘s address known to „Parus“ at the day of order, the customer will have to pay for additional delivery fees.





Terms of delivery



Shipping of all ordered goods will be processed as fast as possible, at the latest however by the second work day after value setting of the received payment.

In case the ordered items are out of stock, customers will be noticed. In this case the order is on hold and the goods will be delivered when available again (no later than 4 weeks from the date of order).

If the ordered products are not in stock anymore (sold out) the customer will be noticed within 24 hrs. upon receiving the order that a delivery is not possible.

No claims for damages can be derived from that.